NTC Thermistors and Thermistor Assemblies

NTC Thermistors Selection Guide

NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) Thermistors emerge as standout temperature sensors widely employed in both industrial and consumer products. In comparison to alternatives like RTDs (Resistance Temperature Device), thermocouples, and temperature ICs, NTC thermistors showcase exceptional attributes, including high sensitivity, low noise, simplicity in peripherals, and cost-effectiveness. However, it's crucial to acknowledge their two drawbacks: low interchangeability and a non-linear Resistance vs. Temperature (R−T) relationship.

Our NTC thermistors are offered with either epoxy or glass encapsulated packaging. While epoxy packaging is cost-effective, it may exhibit a higher long-term drift over years. In contrast, glass encapsulation packaging boasts nearly zero drift. Consequently, our thermistors are exclusively glass-encapsulated, including those integrated into our thermistor assemblies. Their outstanding sensitivity and stability make them ideal companions for our TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) controllers and TEC modules, facilitating the construction of high-stability, low-drift temperature regulation systems based on TECs.

Our diverse range of thermistors caters to various needs, providing high precision, small size, and affordability. Precision levels reach as high as ±0.05°C@25°C with corresponding resistance variation ±0.5%, diameters can be as small as 0.031" (0.8mm), and costs can be as low as $0.8@500pcs.

Glass-encapsulated thermistors are available in two lead styles: axial lead and radial lead. In axial thermistors, the leads extend from opposite ends along the cylindrical thermistor body. Radial thermistors, or "leaded" style, have leads coming out from the same side, as if they are emitted out as a ray from the thermistor bead center, extending from one end along the radius. For simplified mounting, we also provide thermistors with lugs featuring a metal mounting ring, facilitating easy attachment to bulky thermal conductive surfaces, such as metal enclosures. Radial leaded bare thermistor beads find applications in sensing the temperature of small optical components or diode laser chips, while axial style thermistors are prevalent in consumer electronics like power tool batteries and washing machines. If you have questions about the selection or use of NTC thermistors or thermistor assemblies, please feel free to reach out. We are dedicated to providing the best assistance tailored to your needs.

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RoHS Certificate of Compliance for Thermistors
REACH Certificate of Compliance for Thermistors

Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistors

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This series thermistor is encapsulated by glass. The glass ensures long term stability. Compared to conventional epoxy encapsulated thermistors, they feature a smaller size, quicker response time, better long term stability, and wider temperature range. This kind thermistor is sealed between the head and sensing tip allowing it to work up to 250°C temperature.

Thermistor Assemblies

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Ring Lug

This series thermistor is a thermistor assembly with a glass encapsulated thermistor packaged in an extra compact ring lug. Compared to conventional assemblies containing epoxy encapsulated thermistors, this series thermistor presents higher long term stability, higher reliability and wider temperature range. In addition, it is a small size and has a short response time.
This series thermistor can be used to measure the temperature of laser diodes, optical components, etc., with high accuracy and long-term stability.

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Hex Nut

This series thermistor is a thermistor assembly with threaded hex nut. It has bear leads coated with copper. The thermistor assembly presents long term stability, high reliability and wide temperature range, compact size and short response time. It can be used for temperature sensing and detection, transformers, and air sensors, etc.
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Other Types

This series thermistor assembly is housed by a metal cap. The thermistor inside has glass encapsulation to ensure long time operation, wide temperature range, and no parameter drift of either short time or long term. The cap is made of metal, making them long time lasting even under harsh environment, such as acid, moisture, etc. The output terminals use a pair of heavy duty PVC insulated wires of 26 AWG. The length of the wires can be specified. The cap can be customized according to customers need.

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