SMT/SMD Component Kits

We design and make standard off-the-shelf as well as customized products for meeting customers' general and special requirements respectively. Additionally, we provide services for our customers and always do our best to cooperate with our customers, partners, vendors, and even competitors. We can only be happy and profitable by making our customers, vendors and partners be the same first. Therefore, your feedback is important for us. Whenever you have any concerns, dissatisfactions, suggestions, and/or questions, please feel free to contact us. RoHS Certificate of Compliance for Kits

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The Super SMT Resistor Kits™ can have 128 values/kit (use one enclosure), and 510 values/set (a set of resistor kits use 4 enclosures and 128 values per kit), which include all the values specified by the E24 and E96 EIA Standards respectively. Our newly developed 510-value kits cover all the 510 values plus extended low end values, from 0 Ohm to 10 Ohm, and high end values, from 1M to 20M.

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The Super SMT Capacitor Kits™ contain 1206/0805/0603/0402 COG, NPO, X7R, X5R,Y5V materials, values from 0.5pF to 22uF surface mount capacitor. Totally around 100 values in one Super SMT Component Enclosure. For each value, you have the choice of 20pcs/value, 50pcs/value, 100pcs/value or 200pcs/value capacitor kits.

Datasheet for Super SMT Zener Diode Kits

Datasheet for Super SMT 74HC Kits

Datasheet for Super SMT Transistor Kits

Datasheet for Super SMT Tantalum Capacitor Kits

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Our Super SMT Inductor Kits™ are made based on the world’s only special container of ours: Super SMT Component Enclosure™, which has 128 individually lidded coverlets and one top cover. This 2 layer cover structure ensures that the compartment lid blocks the tiny SMT parts from leaking out from compartment and the big top cover hold down compartment lids from openning up during storage and transportation. The foam pad inside the top cover keeps all the coverlets closed when the top cover is closed and locked.

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Our SMT Component Enclosure is the world's only one which has > 100 compartments for storing SMT components, such as chip resistors, capacitors, inductors, ICs, etc. This enclosure comes with 128 individually lidded compartments and covered by a big top cover.

This enclosure comes with a set of labels which can be hand written or laser printer printed with proper marking for each lid. Using this enclosure will make your experiments and work more efficient with a neat lab bench and well-organized parts.

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Datasheet for Super SMT Component Enclosure SK200    Buy Now

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Shielded construction

Frequency range up to 1.0 MHz

Lowest DCR/uH in this package size

Handles high transient current spikes without saturation

Ultra low buzz noise due to composite construction

RoHS compliant

Datasheet for ATIN0740    Buy Now

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