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Advantages of Adaptive PID Control System

Time: Jan 13 2023    Click: 190

PID stands for proportional, integral and differential control system....(more)


Time: Sep 02 2020    Click: 239

Highly versatile and applicable in a multitude of systems, capacitors are critical components in electronic circuits. Specifically, film capacitors, often called polyester or mylar capacitors, are non-polarized capacitors that use thin films as dielectrics. HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT In 1876, a British man, D. G. Fitzgerald, invented the paper capacitor with oil and wax, which became the first generation of film capacitors. Originally produced as a laboratory curiosity, the first paper capacitors we...(more)

What is Piezoelectric Crystal

Time: Aug 31 2020    Click: 224

Piezoelectric crystal is a non-centrosymmetric crystal, deforming under the mechanical force, which causes the relative displacement of the charged particles, so that positive and negative bound charges are produced on the crystal surface. The property of the electric potential difference between the two ends of the piezoelectric crystals polar axis is called piezoelectricity, or piezoelectric effect. Conversely, the process in which an external electric field forces the piezoelectric crystal to...(more)

How to Choose a Laser Driver

Time: Jan 18 2018    Click: 1100

When designing a laser system, the first thing needed is to make decision: design a laser driver or use an off-the-shelf laser driver. Which way is better? Design a Laser Driver vs. Using an Off-the-shelf Laser Driver It is apparent that designing a laser driver will save money in the long run for high volume production laser systems. But the cost for this route is not low: high design cost, long design time, high risk to fail or result in sacrificed performance because designing a good laser dr...(more)

An Overview of SMD Resistor Kit

Time: May 26 2017    Click: 988

Surface Mounted Device resistors, also known as SMD resistors are used by millions of electronic equipment manufacturers. These manufacturing firms range from cell phones and MP3 Players and televisions to computer accessories like CPU, Monitor, and much more. Furthermore, the inductor kit which comprises of SMD resistor kit as well is largely used in communication equipment for commercial use to research equipments. The SMD resistor kit is so well designed that it has replaced the through-hole ...(more)

An Overview of Thermistors Used In Industries

Time: May 16 2017    Click: 995

Thermistors are temperature sensing instruments that have a semiconductor material in them. The property of this material is to exhibit a large and precise change in its electrical resistance when subjected to small change in its body temperature. The History The word thermistor comes from the combination of words thermal and resistor. In the year 1833, an English scientist, Michael Faraday first reported having encountered a change of resistance with change in temperature. He noted this in the...(more)

Chopping Diode Laser Beam Electrically at High Speed with Low Noise

Time: Aug 25 2016    Click: 1022

By Gang Liu, Nan Shi, and Hongtao Zhou, Analog Technologies, Inc. Chopping a laser beam is often a necessary practice. For a diode laser, it is much simpler and less costly to chop the beam electrically, rather than mechanically. The output laser beam power, PO, versus the laser diode input current, ILD, characteristics are shown in Fig. 1. Fig. 1 Output Laser Beam Power vs. Laser Input Current In this figure, PO is the optical output power of the laser diode; ILD is the laser diode input curren...(more)

Thermoelectric Cooler Controller Design

Time: Nov 20 2015    Click: 934

This article is from Photonics Magazine. TEC controller design experts from Analog Tehcnologies, Inc offer tips to lower the cost and simplify the design of the devices, and to increase their ease of use. Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) control...(more)