Piezo Driver Modules/ High Voltage Amplifier

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Piezo Driver


Built-in Waveform Generator: Sine, Square and Triangle

High capacitance driving capability: up to 100uF

Cut power consumption by 80%

VIN = 5V; VOUT = –30V ~ 300V

Frequency = 0.1Hz~20kHz



This Piezo Driver Module efficiently drives large Piezos at a high speed rate. The output voltage is –30V ~ 300V when powered by a 5V power supply. This is another high voltage amplifier that is also a similar type of product, which converts the 24V input voltage into a 0 to 2kV output voltage.

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit/Note
Power supply voltage VPS 4.7 5 5.5 V
Input current IVPS 50 500 mA
Output  voltage VPZ+ -30 300 V
SDN voltage Logic high VSDN 1.2 5 V
Logic low 0 0.8 V
Voltage reference VREF 4 V
Piezo voltage set PVS 0 4 V
PVO voltage VPVO 0 4 V