Heat Sink

Part Number Price Buy Now Datasheet
ATHS-1/2/105/66/30A $12.0 Buy Now datasheet
ATHS-1/2/105/66/30H4 $12.0 Buy Now datasheet
ATHS-2/120/90/35 $15.0 Buy Now datasheet
ATHS-2/164/90/35H8 $19.0 Buy Now datasheet
ATHS-4/240/150/40A $36.0 Buy Now datasheet
ATHS-4/240/150/40H8 $38.0 Buy Now datasheet

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heat sink


1. Material: Aluminum

2. Surface: Black Anodized Processing

3. Unidirectional Pin Fin

4. Excellent Conductivity

5. Corrosion Resistance

6. Available in Various Lengths

7. Available with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Quick and Easy Mounting



Our heat sink is designed to dissipate the heat by increasing the surface area in contact with the cooling fluid surrounding it, such as the air. This heat sink is made up of aluminum, with its surface black anodized.

We can CUSTOMIZE a heat sink for you, with/without holes. The width of the heat sink is fixed, and the length can be customized.

This heat sink is made up of aluminum and the surface is black anodized, both of which make an excellent heat dissipation rate and insulating property, resulting in a better effect in heat dissipation.