Gas Discharge Tube(MOQ is 50PCs)

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AGDT150V2KAS1812 $0.6 buy now Buy Now Datasheet
AGDT300V2KAS1812 $0.6 buy now Buy Now Datasheet
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Fast Response Time for Reliable Protection
Stable and Depenable Operation without Aging
High Current Capability for Variety of Applications
Low Capacitance and High Insulation Resistance to Minimize Burden to the Signal
RoHS & REACH Compliant


Power Supply and RF Systems
Consumer Electronics
N-PE (Neutral and Protective Earth) Mode Protection in AC Power Systems


A gas discharge tube (GDT) is a type of protective device consisting of metal electrodes and metallized ceramics enclosed in a sealed space. It is filled with a discharge medium, such as an inert gas or gas mixture, at varying atmospheric pressures to create a single-gap or multi-gap switch. GDTs are designed to protect electronic equipment and systems from voltage surges or transients by providing a low-impedance discharge path.
GDTs have a high insulation resistance, low capacitance, and minimal leakage, ensuring that they have little to no impact on the normal operation of equipment. They are widely used in surge protectors, lightning arrestors, telecommunications systems, power distribution, automotive electronics, medical devices, industrial controls, and aerospace and defense applications.