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Super SMT Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor Kits/Resistor Box/Capacitor Box

We have three types of Super SMT Component Kits: Super SMT Resistor Kits, Super SMT Capacitor Kits, and Super SMT Inductor Kits,as well as Adjustable Resistor Decade Box and Adjustable Capacitor Decade Box.

Datasheet for Super SMT Resistor Kits              Datasheet for Super SMT Capacitor Kits
Datasheet for 0.1% SMT Resistor Kits (New!)  Datasheet for Super SMT Inductor Kits
RoHS Certificate of Compliance for Kits

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We have been designing and making the world's only SMT Resistor Kits, SMT Capacitor Kits, and SMT Inductor Kits for 19 years, sold > 5K sets of kits and > 50K empty kit enclosures, all with zero unsatisfied customers, nor returns.

Our kits come with pre-sorted and individually stored all-valued parts for the SMT chip resistors, capacitors, and inductors, based on our unique Super SMT Component Enclosure, which has 128 individually lidded and labeled compartments and covered by one big cover. This enclosure allows enclosing the tiny SMT parts without leakage and with their spec's clearly and individually marked.

The enclosure has the size of a regular letter size paper, can be conveniently placed on a work bench or put on a part shelf without taking much space. It also has 2 rubber feet on the bottom side, making it "grab" the work bench firmly, and 2 feet grooves on the top, enabling it stackable. As an electronic component storage, this empty enclosure is easy and convenient to use. Usually we can call it SMD organzier, SMT organizer or electronic components box.

When ordering the empty enclosure, it comes with plenty of labels which can be hand-written or laser printer printed.for the 128 individual lids.

There are two SMT Resistors kits, 0.1% SMT Resistor Kits and Super SMT Resistor Kits. The SMT Resistor Kits have many options to choose, they come with different resistor sizes: 1206, 0805, 0603, and 0402: different amount of resistors for each value: 50pcs/value, 100pcs/value, 200pcs/value, 500pcs/value, and 50/300pcs/value; different total number of values: 128 values and 510 values. The last one is a newly introduced differentially amounted resistor kits which has more number of pcs of resistors for commonly and frequently used values and less number of pcs for rarely used ones, matching the daily usage so that the frequently used ones will last for a long time consumption while not wasting too many parts for the rarely used values

The SMT Capacitor Kits also come with different sizes: 1206, 0805, 0603, and 0402; different pcs per value: 200pcs/value, 100pcs/value and 50pcs/value; different total amount of values: 77values, 83 values, 79 values and 70 values. The capacitor kit comes pre-sorted and stored as the resistor kit. It is worth noting that, comparing with resistor chips, being more expensive in cost, the SMT capacitors usually do not come with value marking on their bodies, without the capacitor kits, it would be difficult to differentiate and sort different values of capacitors.

The SMT Inductor Kits not only come with different sizes: 1008, 0805, 0603, and 0402; different pcs per value: 100pcs/value, 50pcs/value and 20pcs/value; different total amount of values: 88 values, 85 values, 74 values and 60 values. Please be aware of this: it took us almost one year time to design and optimize these inductor kits - all the inductors are carefully selected to have the best characteristics set: the lowest DCR (DC Resistance), the highest current capability, and the highest cut-off frequency and Q value, comparing with any other inductors of the same size and inductance value.

The selection was done by studying the inductor specification datasheets from > 20 the most well-known inductor vendors. It will save you valuable time for choosing the best inductors when doing product designs. Hope you appreciate our effort and utilize them at your work.

We are dedicated in developing and supplying the best kits products for you, let us know if there are any questions and/or suggestions.

Enjoy using our kits and thank you.

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• More than 50K SMT enclosure/kits sold and received zero return.
• Super SMT Component Enclosure has 128 compartments.
• Each component value is printed on each lid.
• Easy to locate and access any value components.
• Easy to transport the enclosure to other places.
• Put it on a shelf to keep the bench top clean.

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