Super Kits Enclosure for SMT/SMD Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors

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The Super SMT/SMD Component Enclosure designed and created by Analog Technologies, Inc. is the world's first and only enclosure for electronic components storage. It has more than 100 compartments for securely enclosing SMT components, such as chip resistors, capacitors, inductors, ICs, etc.

Our popular enclosure only available at Analog Technologies, Inc. has 128 or 200 individually lidded compartments, fully protected by a top cover. There is a foam pad under the top cover, which presses down all the 128/200 lids onto their closing positions, thus, they can tolerate strong vibration and shock without opening, so that the parts inside will not fall out.

On the bottom of the enclosure are 2 strips of rubber feet that will lock into the 2 slots on the top cover of another enclosure for securely stacking enclosures together. This is another design element of Analog Technologies, Inc.
On the top surface, there is a label area for you to use to identify the enclosed components. You may use labels or hand-write identifying characters of the internal contents of the enclosure.

There is also a side label area so that when the enclosures are stacked together, the internal contents can be seen easily from the label on the side.
When ordering an empty enclosure, it comes with a set of labels, which can be handwritten or use your printer with proper legend for each lid and the top and side labels. Using this enclosure will make your lab bench top space efficient and your parts well organized.
A new enclosure with the part number, SK200, has been launched on our website. This new enclosure features a slim but strong design and comes with 200 individual lidded compartments. The top cover can be set at a particular angle, which helps save a lot of space.

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Ultra slim design
Weightbearing up to about 100kg
Eco-friendly PP material
Components as small as 0201 remain inside safe and secure
200 individual lidded compartments fit into a letter sized enclosure
The top cover can be set at a space saving and convenient angle, about 95°~110°
The lid of each compartment can be fixed to the front cover when opening

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128 individual lidded compartments fit into a letter sized enclosure
The smart choice for building prototypes or reworking PCBs
Reduces the time to obtain an SMT/SMD component to only seconds
Solves the common workbench clutter problem
Can easily be put on a workbench or stored on a shelf
Portable and easily transported to another site
Repeat sales and delighted customers with thousands of enclosures sold globally
An easy, secure and convenient way for sorting, storing and accessing SMT/SMD components
Prevents searching for, losing and mixing up important SMT/SMD components