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ATLSXA103 Laser Controller - Compact Size, Low Noise, High Performance

Time: Jan 23 2024    Click: 166

Introduction: The ATLSXA103 laser controller is a high-performance, linearly designed product known for its excellent noise suppression capabilities, with a DC noise as low as 6uA. Without an internal microcontroller, its small dimensions (20 * 14.5 * 5 mm) make it suitable for products with strict volume requirements. It is widely applied in DPSSL, EDFA, SOA, fiber lasers, and laser diodes. Key Features: Low-noise design Compact and small High current output User-friendly operation Overcurrent...(more)

ATI Releases Medium and Low Voltage Isolated DC-DC Modules for the First Time

Time: Apr 25 2023    Click: 171

Analog Technologies has released two isolated DC-DC power modules, one with a 12V input voltage and one with a 24V input voltage....(more)

Step-Down Switching Regulator ATDC2934

Time: Feb 20 2023    Click: 175

The ATI2934 is a high efficiency DC-to-DC step-down switching regulator designed to step down high voltage input sources to lower voltages....(more)

DC-to-DC Step-Down Switching Regulator ATDC1934

Time: Feb 17 2023    Click: 109

A DC-to-DC step-down switching regulator is an electronic circuit that converts a higher voltage DC input to a lower voltage DC output....(more)

New High Voltage High Speed Amplifier AHVAHS2KV2X20MA

Time: Nov 02 2021    Click: 291

Main Features : Built-in high voltage converter; high current capability: Up to 20mA; high slew rate: 800V/s; bandwidth: Up to 1MHz; wide output voltage range: 0~2kV@input voltage=24V; offset voltage range: 10V; compact size: 181.5(L)149.0(W)38.3(H) mm; weight: 2.2lb (1.0kg)....(more)

Precision Operational Amplifier AT8551

Time: Oct 21 2021    Click: 234

Features:low offset voltage 1V, input offset drift 5V/C, high gain bandwidth 4.5MHz, rail-to-rail input and output, high slew rate, low noise, low power consumption, etc....(more)

Upgraded Temperature Plate Assembly ATTP2

Time: Oct 09 2021    Click: 173

Features: Large platform for thermal load: 314.8mm(L)315mm(W)152mm(H); 7-inch touch screen; wide temperature regulation range: 10C to 110C; temperature accuracy: 0.1°C; input voltage: 110-220VAC; parameters setting; platform temperature setting (normally from 0°C to 100°C ); long life high temperature TEC; temperature cycle control; over-current, over-voltage and over-heat protection...(more)

1-2-2-5 New Variable Resistor & Capacitor Box

Time: Oct 09 2021    Click: 159

Features: Wide adjustable resistance range: 1Ω to 1000kΩ; wide adjustable capacitance range: 10pF to 10F; high resistance resolution: 1Ω; high capacitance resolution: 10pF; high accuracy: 1%; comfortable to use and easy to read the total value; long life time rocker switches; compact size: 73.20mm(L) 27.20mm(W)16.01mm*(H); durable resin enclosure....(more)