Precision Operational Amplifier AT8551

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Analog Technologies enters the IC market. The first product is AT8551, which is an upgraded replacement for AD8551. See Table 1. AT8551 is a zero-drift, rail-to-rail I/O CMOS operational amplifier, featuring low offset voltage <5μV, high speed 4.5MHz, high slew rate 2.7V/μs, low noise 0.75μVP-P @0.01Hz to 10Hz, rail-to-rail input and output, low power consumption, etc.

Here are physical photos of AT8551 and AT8552.

Table 1. AT8551 vs. AD8551

Part # Offset Voltage

(0.01Hz to 10Hz)

Slew Rate Bandwidth
AT8551 <5µV <0.75µVP-P 2.7V/µs 4.5MHz
AD8551 10µV 1µVP-P 0.4µV/µs 1.5MHz

AT8551 is the dual version and AT8552 is the shutdown version, both of which provide low offset voltage and nearly 0 drift at the same time. These operational amplifiers has a miniature body. The AT8551 single amplifier has 5-lead SOT23, 8-lead MSOP8 and 8-lead SOIC packages, while the AT8552 dual amplifier is available in 8-lead SOIC and 8-lead MSOP8 narrow SMT packages.

With compact size and excellent performances, these operational amplifiers can be applied to temperature sensors, medical/industrial instrumentation, pressure sensor, active filtering, strain gage amplifiers, power converter, power inverter, etc.

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