An Upgraded Drop-in Replacement for AD202KN

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Analog Technologies, Inc has released its latest version of the high voltage isolation amplifier AT202KN, which uses a transformer to transmit and amplify signals based on a certain ratio while isolating analog signals. The isolation amplifier is an amplifier that electrically isolates the input circuit and the output circuit. In the process of isolation and amplification, the output signal has low distortion, low non-linearity (high linearity), high precision, wide bandwidth, excellent isolation, and voltage withstand performance. Thus, AT202KN is not only an upgraded drop-in replacement for AD202KN, but it is also a better option than the AD202KN in some parameters.

The four basic functions of isolation amplifier are: isolation, amplification, conversion and filtering. It can filter out high frequency interference and only amplify useful signals instead of interference signals. The frequency response bandwidth of AT202KN is 2kHz.

Compared with AD202KN, AT202KN has a smaller max deviation between the actual transmission characteristics and the best straight line:

· Maximum nonlinearity is only 0.01%

· Maximum isolation voltage is up to 3000V

· Isolation common mode voltage is as high as ±4000V peak

In addition, AT202KN has an internal transformer, eliminating the need for any additional isolation power supply, which greatly reduces the cost of circuit design.

The isolation amplifier has excellent input/output ohm isolation characteristics, which can transmit signals with high impedance and high common-mode rejection in a noisy environment. It can also ensure that the human body is protected from leakage current and high voltage (up to hundreds or thousands of volts). It can prevent low voltage signal circuits (including computers) from being damaged by the grid voltage due to faults. It can also amplify low level signals in multi-channel applications while eliminating measurement errors caused by ground loops.

Therefore, AT202KN can be widely used in industry, power monitoring, medical equipment isolation barriers, portable measuring instruments, and some measuring systems.

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