Noise Measurement Amplifier

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In the intricate domain of analog circuit research and design, achieving precise measurements of low noise poses a formidable challenge, given its subtle magnitudes. Traditional tools like oscilloscopes or multimeters prove impractical for direct measurement, as the inherent noise from these instruments can bury the signal emanating from the Device Under Test (DUT). This challenge accentuates the need for innovative solutions. A pragmatic strategy involves leveraging a high-gain amplifier, intricately designed for minimal noise, to effectively amplify the DUT's noise signal. The transparent assessment of the noise level originating from the DUT is accomplished by dividing the measured amplitude by the amplifier gain.

Recognizing the absence of a commercially available low-noise amplifier meeting our standards, we took the initiative to design and craft our own solution, which is now introduced to the market. We aim to share its benefits with our customers.

The ATNMA2 is engineered to measure ultra-low noises in the microvolts or even nanovolts range—dimensions beyond the direct capabilities of conventional oscilloscopes or multimeters. Notable features include a differential input to mitigate ground noise, offering a spectrum of selectable gains and bandwidth settings tailored for diverse circuit applications. Additionally, it incorporates a built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring a robust 20-hour operational lifespan on a full charge. The device's adjustable probing leads contribute to a flexible probing span between the two measurement points, enhancing convenience for efficient probing of PCB circuits.

We are confident that the ATNMA2 will prove invaluable to engineers and researchers seeking precision and flexibility in ultra-low noise measurements, revolutionizing the landscape of analog circuit research and design.

Noise Measurement Amplifier


Measure noise down to sub uV

Magnifications: 300×, 3,000×, 30,000×, 300,000×, 3,000,000×

Three Filter Bandwidths: 0.1Hz ~ 10Hz, 0.1Hz ~ 1kHz, 0.1Hz ~ 100kHz

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

LED Battery Energy Indication

Adjustable span input probes