Noise Measurement Amplifier

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To ensure analog electronic circuits work properly, noise need to be measured. Because of its low magnitude, the noise cannot be measured directly. One common approach is to use a low noise amplifier to measure the noise to be measured and measure the output signal of this amplifier. There is no such a low noise amplifier on the market, thus we designed and made one for our own usage, and now release to the market to benefit our customers by this project.

This noise measurement amplifier, ATNMA2, is designed to measure ultra low noises which cannot be measured by oscilloscope, such as in μV's or even nV's. It has a differential input to cancel ground noise, has a few selectable gains and bandwidth for different circuits, and a build-in 500mAH rechargeable battery which can last 20 hours. The probing leads span is adjustable, they can probe the PCB circuits conveniently.

Noise Measurement Amplifier


Measure noise down to sub uV

Magnifications: 300×, 3,000×, 30,000×, 300,000×, 3,000,000×

Three Filter Bandwidths: 0.1Hz ~ 10Hz, 0.1Hz ~ 1kHz, 0.1Hz ~ 100kHz

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

LED Battery Energy Indication

Adjustable span input probes