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High Voltage Operational Amplifier

The high voltage operational amplifier works the same as conventional operational amplifiers, except that the power supply voltage is much higher, usually ≥1000V, and the input and output have high voltage span. Our high voltage operational amplifier, AHVOA1500V100MA, features low noise, high precision, rail-to-rail output swing, and no phase reversal. It comes with sufficient heat sinking capability, no additional heat sinks are needed. The applications of this amplifier include semiconductor test, high voltage instrumentation, mass spectrometer, optical module, etc. There are two types of package available: one that has heat sink and the other without heat sink.

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Maximum Input Voltage: 1500V

Output Voltage Swing: 50~1450V

Gain Bandwidth Product: 50MHz

Peak Output Current: 180mA

Max. Average Output Current: 100mA

Slew Rate: 200V/μs

Programmable Current Limit

Over Temperature Protection

Wide Temperature Range: Wide Temperature Range: −40°C~85°C

Two Type Packages: with/without heat sink

Package Heatsink Dissipation Power: 5W

100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant

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