High Efficiency TEC/Peltier Controllers and Their Associated Components

We design and make standard off-the-shelf as well as customized products for meeting customers' general and special requirements respectively. We believe if we provide services tailored to our customers’ needs and requests while doing our best to cooperate with our partners, vendors, and even competitors, we can expand our knowledge, products and abilities to meet your highest standards. We strive to make every customer, vendor, and partner happy because that is the only way we feel we can be happy and profitable. Therefore, your feedback is extremely important to us. If you have any concerns, dissatisfactions, suggestions, and/or questions, please contact us.

High Performance Laser Controllers/Drivers and Evaluation Boards

ATI has a full line of diode laser controllers/drivers products with the following features: high efficiency, dual mode, constant current output, constant power control, ultra-low noise, high current, and nano seconds pulse width, loop good indication, compact size, etc. Using these laser controllers and drivers along with our TEC controllers enable our customers to design and build high-performance low-cost diode laser systems. All our laser controllers and drivers are of 100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.

High Efficiency TEC Controllers and  Evaluation Boards

Our TEC controllers are designed for driving TECs with high stability, high response speed, and high efficiency at a low cost. They have small sizes, do not require heat sinks to operate, and have been widely used to control temperatures for many devices, such as EDFAs, diode lasers, laser crystals, optical components, instrumentation sensors, etc. They are 100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.


High voltage amplifier/piezo drivers are designed for amplifying an analog input voltage into a high voltage high current output, and it can drive piezos or other high voltage high current loads. This series high voltage amplifiers include mutiple models with different high voltage capabilities.


The high voltage operational amplifier provides a high input voltage without any additional circuit while featuring low noise, high precision, wide output swing, and no reverse phase problem. It can be applied for applications such as semiconductor test, high voltage instrumentation, mass spectrometer, optical module, etc.

High Voltage Power Supplies

This series of power modules are designed for achieving DC-DC conversion from low voltage to high voltage, and it can be used for industrial measurement and control, energy spectrum analysis, medical equipment, environmental monitoring, etc. Switch on the power and regulate the potentiometer to have the required output voltage.

High Performance Low Cost TEC Modules

TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) modules are the essential components for keeping the diode lasers working at a constant temperature, thus, the lasers will have constant output wavelength, power and/or less to no mode hopping. We offer a wide variety of high-performance high-quality TEC Modules, most of them work well with our TEC controllers and thermistors.

High Performance Thermoelectric Generator TEG

Thermoelectric generators are all solid-state devices that convert heat into electricity. Also known as Peltier generators, TE generators, Seebeck generators, and thermoelectric generators.
TEGs are based on thermoelectric effects involving interactions between the flow of heat and electricity through solid bodies. The greater the temperature difference, the more power generated.

LCR Meter

This LCR meter can be used to measure TECs (Thermoelectric Coolers),TEG, ACR (Alternative Current Resistance), which is directly related to the health and strength of the TEC, as well as the resistorscapacitorsinductors.

High Stability Thermistors and Thermistor Assemblies

We offer a few high performance thermistors, which work well with our TEC controllers and TEC modules to form high stability low drift temperature control systems. These thermistors have high precision (+/-0.25C@25C), compact size (bare version), and a glass coating, making them the best inter-changeable, sensitive, precise, and low drift temperature sensors for high performance application systems. These sensors come in bare and lugged forms, the former is used for specific point sensing, and the latter is for easy mounting.

LED Power Supply LED Controller LED Strip LED T8 Tube

ATI has a series of LED products, the main features for these products are minimum 50% energy savings, low maintenance, long life, greater than 60000 hrs.
Power Supplies 12V @ 2.5A, 8.5A and 12.5A used for ATI's LED products.
LED Bicycle Lamp: widely used in bicycles for illuminating path on the road.
LED Bicycle Laser Taillight: widely used on bicycles for warning cars approaching from behind.
LED Strip used in the areas of home and office decorating.
LED Bulb: used in hotel or home for illumination.
LED Bed Lamp: designed for hotels, restaurants, home, and coffee bar illumination.
LED T8 tube replacement for the T-8 fluorescent tubes used in Commercial and public building.
LED Heavy Duty Waterproof Lamp used in the applications where resistances to water, corrosion, shock, and dust are required.

The World's Only Professional SMT Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor Kits

Surface mount components are getting more and more popular nowadays. Do you have a mess when organizing them? Most people do.
We offer an effective solution: pre-sorted with all values individually labeled Resistor KitsCapacitor Kits & Inductor Kits by using our patented Super SMT Component Enclosure, for safe-keeping and easy access of the all-valued SMT components.

The World's Only Professional SMT Component Enclosure

Our SMT Component Enclosure is the world's only one which has > 100 compartments for storing SMT components, such as chip resistors, capacitors, inductors, ICs, etc. This enclosure comes with 128 individually lidded compartments and protected by a full top cover.
This enclosure comes with a set of labels which can be handwritten, or laser printed with proper marking for each lid. Using this enclosure will make your experiments and work more efficient with a neat lab bench and well-organized parts.

Adjustable Capacitor Decade Box

Wide Adjustable Range: 1pF to 100μF
High Adjustment Resolution: 1pF
High Accuracy: ±5%
Compact Size
Durable Metal Enclosure
100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant

Adjustable Resistor Decade Box

Wide Adjustable Range: 0.1Ω to 100MΩ
High Adjustment Resolution: 0.1Ω
High Accuracy: ±1%
Compact Size
Durable Metal Enclosure
100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant

High Performance Molded Inductor

Shielded construction
Frequency range up to 1.0 MHz
Lowest DCR/uH in this package size
Handles high transient current spikes without saturation
Ultra-low buzz noise due to composite construction
RoHS compliant

Temperature Plate Assembly

ATTP1A is a Temperature Plate Assembly, designed for evaluating TEC controllers in an easy way. This TEC assembly is widely used for evaluating TEC controllers, TECs and heat sink, etc. Also, it can stabilize an object’s temperature for scientific experiments. This temperature plate ATTP1A provides a platform with a wide temperature regulation range: -20°Cto 110°C. (New)

Ultra Small High Temperature Plastic Tubing

Our tubing is ultra-small, high temperature plastic tubing, which can bear high temperatures and has low coefficient of friction. There are a lot of other features such as light weight, excellent dielectric insulation properties and corrosion resistance, etc., much better than the tubing of other materials. This tubing can be applied in many industries, where high temperature and severe condition is needed, like chemical processing, electronic, aerospace and aviation, etc.

Heat Sink

Our heat sink is physically designed to dissipate the heat by increasing the surface area in contact with the cooling fluid surrounding it, such as the air. This heat sink is made up of aluminum, with its surface black anodized.

Thermal Conductive Material

Thermal conductive materials play an important role in temperature control systems. There are two types of thermal conductive materials including thermal conductive pad and thermal conductive epoxy encapsulant.

Mini USB Color Camera

The ATMC102U is a mini color camera, used in the medical care, microscope, video conferencing, video phones, video email, PC multimedia, toys, industry pipe & well inspection, CCTV security surveillances, etc.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Fiber optic patch cord is also called fiber optic connector. It is dismountable, flexible, and featured with small size, low insertion loss and an affordable price. Meanwhile, it is an indispensable component in the optical fiber communication.

Datasheet for LC-LC Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Datasheet for ST-ST Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Datasheet for SC-SC Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Datasheet for FC-FC Fiber Optic Patch Cord