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LED T8 Tube

LED T8 Tube

LED T8 Tube

T-8 LED Tube applications:
Hotels Conference/meeting rooms
Factories offices, Commercial complexes, Residential / institution
Underground parking area
Schools, Colleges & Universities
Every where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting are needed.

T-8 LED Tubes are Ideal for Fluorescent replacement and have many advantages over Fluorescent Tubes. LED based light source, are environmentally friendly and a much longer life than Fluorescent Tubes with a minimum of 8 to 10 years compared to 2 year with Fluorescent Tubes. This is based on an average of 4000 hours usage per year or about 11 hours a day @ ≤ 77 °F

T-8 LED Tube produces a wonderful pure white light, printed materials appear sharpened, colors brighter and viewing is easier on the eyes than with conventional fluorescent tubes. The T-8 Fluorescent lamp is the most widely used light source in North America, for commercial use. Nearly every large building that you enter has arrays of T-8 fixtures, their ceiling spaces are largely occupied with these.

The average standard T-8 fluorescent tube lasts about 20,000 hours if the tempiture is less than 77 °F. When the temp goes higher the the life span of the fluorescent tube goes down. Also short on periods less than three hours also shortens the life span of the fluorescent tubes and being mounted so high in the air it is a large expense, to replace them when they fail. Depending on location work and workers will be disrupted during the replacement of the fluorescent tubes and ballasts, lost production is the highest cost for replacing fluorescent tubes and ballasts. This equates to the highest cost saving for using LED T-8 Tubes. LED T-8's Tubes pay for themselves several times in actual bulb replacement (no more ballast replacement) and labor savings during their lifetimes, the energy savings is substantial, the improved quality of light and the workplace are bonuses.

An LED will operate 100,000 hours before dropping below 75% of their initial lumens output, Fluorescent tubes loose 10% to 20% of their initial lumens output after the initial burn-in period about 7000 hrs. depending on brand. LED's now provide a 120 degree angle of light dispersion, a recent breakthrough, which means they are less focused and spreads the light similarly to an incandescent bulb. While well dispersed the light is directional which adds 46% more useable Lumens, unlike conventional 360 degree fluorescent tube lighting.

Bi-passing you’re Ballast and Starter will save even more energy, 40-50 Watts per fixture or more and improve the workplace without the buzzing and flickering associated with standard fluorescent tubes. A big bonus, no more ballast to replace!

Cost savings expanded LED TubeFluorescent Tubes
  23 wats44 watts
Life Span @ 11 hrs. a day @ ≤ 77 °F.   > than 3hrs. on > 10 years> 2years
Cost of Tube. $65.00$6.00
Cost to replace tubes in 10 years. $0$30.00
Energy cost for ten years .10 per Kw 11hrs day. $92.00$182.00
Energy cost for ballast .10 per Kw. 11hrs day. 0$178.00
Maintenance Cost to replace in 10 years. 15.00 per hr. $7.50$37.50
Ballast replacement cost. @ 28.00 ea. 0$224.00
Maintenance Cost Ballast replacement. 15.00 per hr. 0$75.00
Worker stoppage cost for T-8 replacement @ 35.00 per hr $17.50$87.50
Worker stoppage cost for balast replacement @ 35.00 per hr. $0$175.00
Production slowdown for T-8 replacement @ depends on factory. $0$1000.00
Production slowdown for ballast replacement @ depends on factory. $0$5000.00
Federal Tax Deductions of a $.60 per Square. -$6.000
Average total cost for 10 years for 1 fixture. $176.00$6995.00

Now the main question is How many fixtures do you have in your company. You cost savings will very depending on you company and location.

Most companies when doing cost savings do not think of what I call soft costs, these are the cost to productivity. When the maintenance worker comes into a cubical to change a light the employee needs to move to another area, no work being done, lost time, this is an expense to the company. The longer the maintenance worker in the cubical the most time lost. And some times the worker disrupts another worker, now even more expense to the company. If the lights are on the production floor then this expense goes way up.

These LED Tubes qualify your commercial building for a Federal Tax Deductions of a $.60 per Square foot.

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