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Overview of Piezo Amplifiers in Control of Piezoelectric Actuators

Time: Feb 17 2023    Click: 140

Piezo amplifiers are electronic devices that are utilized to drive piezoelectric materials, which generate electric charge in response to mechanical stress....(more)

What is a Laser Driver

Time: Feb 16 2023    Click: 200

A laser driver is an electronic device that provides the necessary electrical power and control signals to drive a laser diode....(more)

A New High Voltage Isolation Amplifier AD202ATI

Time: May 11 2022    Click: 166

High Voltage Isolation Amplifier is a specific device designed for measuring small analog signals with high common mode voltage and strong EMIs....(more)

How an Amplifier Drives a Capacitive Load

Time: Apr 28 2022    Click: 228

This white paper illustrate how an amplifier drives a capacitive load...(more)

The High Voltage Power Supply that Can Cause Lightning Effects

Time: Feb 15 2022    Click: 194

The input voltage of ALSHV24V6600V10MAW is 24V, and the output voltage is 6600V....(more)

5A and 15A Digital Laser Drivers

Time: Jan 06 2022    Click: 246

Analog Technologies has launched two digital laser drivers, which can output a current up to 5A and 15A respectively. ...(more)

Easy Mountable DIP Packaged High Voltage Power Supply

Time: Sep 23 2021    Click: 330

Nowadays, high voltage power supplies have been applied in many fields, such as optical field, physical field, medical field, precision processing field, etc. Analog Technologies has developed a series of high voltage power supply in DIP package that can be directly mounted on the PCB. It can transform low input DC voltage to high output DC voltage. This series of products has a small size, light weight, good protection mechanism, stability in working, and can be directly mounted on the PCB, eff...(more)

High Voltage Amplifier/Piezo Drivers

Time: Sep 23 2021    Click: 331

With the rapid development of science and technologies, ATI (Analog Technologies, Inc.) has invested substantive manpower, material resources and funds to develop new product. Recently, to meet the market demand, we have successfully developed one high voltage amplifier , whose part number is AHV1KV7A. To be honest, once this piezo driver is developed out, we have received many queries and orders from our dear customers. Now, please take a look at the physical photo of this high voltage amplifie...(more)

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