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5A and 15A Digital Laser Drivers

Time: Jan 06 2022    Click: 190

Digital laser driver comes with a digital display for setting and monitoring parameters. Analog Technologies has launched two digital laser drivers, which can output a current up to 5A and 15A respectively, with 90% efficiency. ...(more)

High Voltage Amplifier

Time: Sep 23 2021    Click: 250

Analog Technologies, Inc. supplies our customers with electronic modules, including laser driver module , tec controller modules as well as smt component kits . Recently, we have successfully developed one high voltage amplifier, AHVA2KV2X20MA , which is designed to drive piezo and other high voltage loads. This product is an electronic module used for amplifying an analog input voltage into a high voltage output. Please take a look at the physical photo of this high voltage amplifier. The produ...(more)

Easy Mountable DIP Packaged High Voltage Power Supply

Time: Sep 23 2021    Click: 300

Nowadays, high voltage power supplies have been applied in many fields, such as optical field, physical field, medical field, precision processing field, etc. Analog Technologies has developed a series of high voltage power supply in DIP package that can be directly mounted on the PCB. It can transform low input DC voltage to high output DC voltage. This series of products has a small size, light weight, good protection mechanism, stability in working, and can be directly mounted on the PCB, eff...(more)

High Voltage Amplifier/Piezo Drivers

Time: Sep 23 2021    Click: 294

With the rapid development of science and technologies, ATI (Analog Technologies, Inc.) has invested substantive manpower, material resources and funds to develop new product. Recently, to meet the market demand, we have successfully developed one high voltage amplifier , whose part number is AHV1KV7A. To be honest, once this piezo driver is developed out, we have received many queries and orders from our dear customers. Now, please take a look at the physical photo of this high voltage amplifie...(more)

High Voltage Amplifier Piezo Driver AHVA2KV2X20MA

Time: Sep 23 2021    Click: 291

High voltage amplifier, also called high voltage piezo driver, is used for amplifying an analog input voltage into a high voltage output. Our new high voltage amplifier AHVA2KV2X20MA has just been launched, with up to 2kV output voltage and 10mA current capability. It can be used for driving pizeos or high voltage loads. A built-in high voltage DC-DC converter can convert a 24V input voltage into 0V~2kV output voltage at high efficiency. In the front panel, you can see three LED indicator indica...(more)

Electronic parts storage box - SK200

Time: Nov 23 2020    Click: 287

With the development of science and technology, electronic parts are increasingly used in our daily life. Then questions come, that is, how to find the right parts in the quickest way. Concerning the above issue, under the leadership of Dr. Liu Gang, the boss of Analog Technologies, Inc , we spent more than 200 working days to design and re-structure the storage box. Finally the box is developed successfully not long ago. Please find the physical photo of it as below: Now, let me introduce the f...(more)

SK200 SMT Component Enclosure

Time: Aug 20 2020    Click: 183

SUPER SMT/SMD KITSAt Analog Technologies, Inc, we have been specializing in the design and production of our Super SMT Component Kits for over 20 years. With over 50 different types of SMT/SMD resistor kits available with different value selections, our Super SMT Component Kits offer a slim, durable, high quality design that allows for the most convenience when sorting, storing, and obtaining SMT components. ABOUT SK200Based on our original, best-selling SK128 model, the new and improved SK200 S...(more)

SMT Resistor Kits

Time: Aug 11 2020    Click: 293

ABOUT SURFACE MOUNT TECHNOLOGIES In recent years, Surface Mount Technologies (SMT) have become key players in the global economy. With high growth prospects and versatile uses, Surface Mount Devices (SMD) are applicable to a variety of techniques in which electrical components are directly mounted onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCB). OUR SUPER SMT RESISTOR KITS At Analog Technologies, we have been specializing in the design and production of the Super SMT Resistor Kit for over 20 ye...(more)

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