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ATLS12A216 High Voltage Laser Driver

Time: Feb 15 2019    Click: 196

ATI has developed multiple series of high voltage and constant current laser drivers, including ATLSxA212, ATLSxA216, ATLSxA217 and ATLSxA218 series laser drivers. These laser drivers have wide input voltage range and output voltage range, high efficiency, and wide modulation bandwidth. Today, Id like to show you one of these high voltage laser driver, ATLS12A216D, which is the one with highest current in ATLSxA216D series. As the part number indicates, ATLS12A216D has a high current capability,...(more)

A Gift-SMT Resistor Kit

Time: Feb 14 2019    Click: 235

Chinese New Year is nearing the end, and I wish you all the best in the Year of the Pig! Today we will come to know about a special SMT resistor kit. This resistor kit is a patented product developed by ATI. It is light and compact, with exquisite design and a complete range of specifications. It facilitates the classification, storage and management of precision components, avoids messy components, and improves RD efficiency and shortens development time. This series of products are complete in...(more)

Capacitor Decade Box Adjustable

Time: Feb 13 2019    Click: 237

It is known to all that resistor, capacitor and inductor are the common electronic components in electronic field. While tuning the circuit, engineers always need to change the resistor and capacitor values. If engineers frequently solder different resistors and capacitors, it is really troublesome. Therefore, Analog Technologies, Incorporated developed one adjustable capacitor decade box , which offers engineers great conveniences. Please find the following physical photo of it. Now, let me int...(more)

DIP High Voltage Power Supply AHV12V1KV1MAP

Time: Jan 31 2019    Click: 217

High voltage power supply is now so popular in the market. There are many different types, and it can be divided into different groups by the voltage types such as DC to DC or AC to DC, packaging types such as DIP package or wires, and bench top types. AHV12V1KV1MAP is a new developed high voltage power supply with DIP package. This power supply comes with seven pins that can be easily mounted and removed. It is moisture-proof and shock-proof with a small size, light weight, and metal enclosure....(more)

Low Noise Quantum Cascade Laser Driver

Time: Jan 23 2019    Click: 330

Have you ever used low noise quantum laser driver ? If yes, you must hear about our company, Analog Technologies, Inc . We are a company especially specialized in laser drivers. Thousands of customers who have used our products are satisfied with our product quality and wonderful sales service. Today, I would like to introduce one newly developed product, low noise quantum laser driver, whose part number is AQCL500MA410 . The AQCL500MA410 is a chassis mount electronic module designed for driving...(more)

Laser Driver ATLS15A218D

Time: Jan 22 2019    Click: 247

Our main products include: Laser drivers, TEC controllers, TEC modules, high voltage power supplies, SMT/SMD Component Kits, thermistors, etc. The diode laser driver is divided into two types: AC input and DC input. The former accept AC main as the power source, the voltage can be 110V in some countries, 220V or 240V in some other countries. The latter accept different ranges by the DC voltage, such as 3.2V to 5.5V, 4.7V to 16V, 4.7V to 28V, etc. There are also different series in the DC input l...(more)

High Voltage Power Supply of DIP Package

Time: Dec 07 2018    Click: 256

When it comes to high voltage power supply, you may think of bulky instruments, iron box of square shape, or various connection ports and cables. However, it is not entirely true. Today, at Analog Technologies, Inc., I find a series of high voltage power supply modules that can be mounted on the PCB. This series of high voltage power modules has a DIP package that can be directly mounted on the PCB, featuring small size, high efficiency, high stability, long working time, and small output ripple...(more)

High Efficiency AC Input Laser Driver-AAS45A4V2

Time: Dec 05 2018    Click: 201

How much do you know about laser diode and laser drivers? Today let me have a full guide for you on ATIs laser drivers. The product I am going to say something about is one High Efficiency AC Input Laser Driver , whose part number is AAS45A4V2 . Then you may ask, what does the 45A represent? 45A is the maximum output current. Now you must be surprised at the technology we have achieved. Now, let us know something more about its other parameters. This High Efficiency AC Input Laser Drivers effici...(more)

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