Low Noise ATLS500MA103 Laser Driver

Time : Feb 22 2019Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

ATLSxA103 series of laser driver is one of the bestselling product in ATI, which has developed more laser drivers. ATLSxA103 series remains the most popular laser driver in the current laser driver market. These laser drivers feature low noise, high efficiency, compact size, as well as zero EMIs. Today, I’d like to show you one laser driver in this series, ATLS500MA103. The physical photo is shown as follows and from this, you can see that the laser driver is similar in size to a pin.

This laser driver is designed to drive diode lasers with a maximum of 500mA output current. It doesn’t need a heat sink to dissipate since the maximum power the laser driver consumes is less than one watt. When the laser driver temperature rises, it will remain the same output current since a temperature compensation network works in the laser driver. Moreover, it also has over current protection circuit and over voltage protection circuit, which are designed for preventing the laser driver from over current or over voltage. More technical details such as pin locations and functions, block diagram, application and mechanical dimensions can be found in our datasheet, as follows:


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