The advantages and disadvantages of TEC and its development status (II)

Time : May 22 2015Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :
With the rapid development of science and technology, technical difficulties about material system and manufacturing technology have been solved. At home, there has been ceramic technology to produce the TEC cooling materials and the standard of the materials can be in the international advanced level. What’s more, the merit of figure of high efficient TEC with China's independent intellectual property rights has improved a lot and can be over 13×10-3K. Now when in the temperature difference of 50℃,the cooling coefficient of high efficient TEC is more than 3 and its efficiency can also be over that of compressor refrigeration.

Nowadays, the advantages of TEC have come out. Thermoelectric cooling is a method of solid cooling. Compared with the compressor cooling system, TEC has no mechanical rotation parts, no noise, no refrigerant, no pollution, high reliability and long service lifetime. Additionally, it can also be controlled easily. 

But the outstanding advantages of TEC are that the micro cooling can be realized, the power can be below 1Watt it can be extremely light minima (<50mm 3,<1g), which the traditional mechanical compressor cooling cannot replace. For example, the thermoelectric cooling technology has been applied into semiconductor lasers and CPU of personal computers. Furthermore, the TEC can be used to make many other small household electrical appliances, such as small air conditioner, automotive air conditioning, ice machine, cold and hot water dispenser, heating mattress, air-conditioning chair, etc. 

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