Common Failures and Causes for NTC Thermistor

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NTC thermistor can be applied in many fields, such as temperature measurement and control, temperature compensation, surge current suppression, environmental measurement, etc. 
There are some common failures and causes for NTC thermistor
1. Short circuit: 
When theloop current is higher than Imax, or power rating is higher than Pmax for a long time, it will make the temperature of the thermistor higher than Tmax. At the start, the thermistor will have a rather low resistance, and then the thermistor will be burnt, resulting in short circuit or open circuit. 
2. Open circuit/Damage:
When an instant huge energy is loaded in the thermistor, the product may not bear it and then damage. Generally, it shows high impedance or direct open circuit.  
3. Offset resistance: NTC thermistor is the semiconductor component that is much sensitive to heat. If the IR reflow and rework exceeds certain temperature and time, the thermistor can easily be damaged, resulting in offset resistance. The resistance can increase or decrease. 
Physical photo of NTC thermistorwith ring lug
ATI provides various NTC thermistors with different nominal values and B values, which can meet requirements for the applications above.