Some practical applications of thermistors

Time : Feb 06 2015Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :
Thermistor has wide applications in many fields, and the following is about its applications of food, medical and automobile.

(1) The thermistor’s application in food and drug field: Food and drug industries need temperature control to ensure the quality of products. In order to avoid partial or total loss of effective availability of drugs, there are a lot of drugs in transit needing accurate control of the temperature and humidity.

(2) The thermistor’s application in medical field: Human often needs to measure the body temperature, which is the early warning of a variety of serious health conditions, especially newborns need to be carefully monitored their status by temperature. In the hospital, neonates often use warmer, and baby box needs to maintain constant temperature. The temperature regulation can be realized by using a thermistor probe placed on the baby belly. 

(3) The thermistor’s application in automobile industry: The thermistor is widely used to test the temperature of automobile air conditioner, engine and water tank, and there are many other new applications. Now, on the thermistor industry, many stringent requirements are proposed: small size, high stability, good high temperature performance test, etc. If we make progress in all these areas, there will be many new applications, such as micro temperature sensors, high temperature sensors of improved efficiency gas automobile and so on.