Inverse Piezoelectric Effect and Piezo Drivers

Time : Mar 23 2018Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Inverse piezoelectric effect refers to that when an electric field is applied in the polarization direction of piezoelectric sensing elements, these piezoelectric sensing elements will produce mechanical deformation or mechanical pressure in a certain direction. When the applied electric field is removed, this deformation or pressure will disappear as well.

The deformation of piezoelectric sensors can be thickness deformation, length deformation, volume deformation, thickness shear, and plane shear. However, because piezoelectric crystals are different in materials, some piezoelectric crystals are sensitive to only one or more of them, e.g. some piezoelectric crystal is very sensitive to the piezoelectric effect of thickness deformation and length deformation, but not volume deformation.

The materials with positive piezoelectric effect must have inverse piezoelectric effect, and the piezoelectric coefficients of the same material in the positive and inverse piezoelectric effects are same. The higher the piezoelectric coefficient is, the higher energy conversion efficiency of piezoelectric materials is.

Piezo drivers are often essential in the application of inverse piezoelectric effects, and the essence of piezo driver is to convert electric energy into mechanical energy or mechanical motion by using inverse piezoelectric effect. Piezo drivers can not only produce electric fields applied to piezoelectric materials, meanwhile, an internal program can also be used to control the size, direction, and frequency of the electric field.

So how to judge the performance of a Piezo driver? Take one Piezo driver module of ATI as an example, the product has a built in waveform generator, which can produce sine wave, square wave and triangle wave according to the actual demands of piezoelectric material; high efficiency, quick response time, 0.1Hz~20kHz wide working frequency range, capacitive drive capacity up to 100μF; Besides, its input power supply is 5V, and its output voltage range is -50V~200V. Above all, this Piezo driver of ATI is a product with reasonable design, complete function and excellent quality.

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