Multifunctional Piezo Driver

Time : Mar 27 2018Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Recently, Analog Technologies, Inc, hereinafter referred to as ATI, developed a multifunctional Piezo driver ATPD300V2A. Piezo is a micro-displacement device based on the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramic. However, due to the disadvantages of piezoelectric ceramics, such as hysteresis, creep and displacement nonlinearity, the displacement output is related to the electric field strength and the input voltage. The use of piezo drive for solid deformation requires high precision, fast response, good stopping capability, low power consumption, no electromagnetic noise, small size, high density configuration, simple structure, etc. This multifunctional and highly integrated Piezo driver module is ideal for realizing control functions.

This piezo driver can reduce energy consumption by 80%. The adjustable output voltage is up to -30 ~ 300V, and the capacitance drive capability is up to 100uF. It comes with a built-in waveform generator that can produce sine wave, square wave and triangle wave; with low input voltage 5V and high integrated package, this Piezo driver is especially suitable for secondary development of more precise high-tech products. Piezoelectric ceramic uses piezoelectric effect: apply a voltage, and the PZT piezoelectric ceramic is elongated in the direction of the electric field. Piezoelectric ceramic can provide effective solutions for applications such as micro-positioning, valve control, vibration damping, and acoustic emission.

As an electromechanical converter, the Piezo converts electrical signals into mechanical displacements to regulate the control system. This conversion is the key to Piezo technology

This Piezo driver comes with 15 functional pins, which can meet various control requirements. For detailed functions, please refer to the datasheet. The basic application wiring is as follows: