The advantages and disadvantages of TEC modules (I)

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TEC modules (thermal electric cooler), also called Peltier modules, can cool down or heat up the object when changing the current direction. The current is DC current. There are some advantages and disadvantages of TEC module.


A. No cryogen needed. TEC modules can work constantly for hours. It contains no pollution or rotating components, which results no noise and vibration, long life span and easy installation.

B. Very short heating-up and cooling time due to small thermal lag in TEC modules. The max. temperature difference will be achieved within one min, under the condition of good hear dissipation in hot side and no load in cold side.

C. Thermal electric cooler is a kind of current-to -energy device. By controlling the current, high precision temperature control can be achieved. Plus temperature measurement and control, it is easy to make a automatic control system with the function of remote control, program control and computer control.


A. Single TEC modules has small power. Combine them to thermopile and then cascade or parallel these thermopiles to be a cooling system with high power, from 1mW to10KW.

B. The hot side temperature should not exceed 60°C, or it may be damaged. Do not power the TEC modules for a long time when there is no hear sink. Make sure there is enough heat dissipation devices for TEC modules.

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