AAS12A12V2 Laser Driver

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AAS12A12V2 laser driver is designed for driving diode lasers. It is powered by an AC voltage between 100V to 240V and the output current can go up to 12A.

Since there are many different signals in the circuit, diode lasers are susceptible to external signal interference in the process of their operation, for example, the instantaneous current generated by the power supply can be turned on or off; sometimes, during the circuit setting process, no protective measures are taken, causing the diode lasers to work. The performance parameters of the process have changed. Therefore, in the design of the laser driver, it is necessary to take some protective measures for key circuit links. The protection circuit can not only prevent the load in the circuit from being damaged due to excessive current or voltage, but also has a certain protective effect on the overall performance of the entire circuit itself.

There is a soft-start circuit in this laser driver, AAS12A12V2, which ensures smooth current transactions during power-up period. In case there is a short circuit at the output, the internal protection circuit will shut off the output. The so-called soft-start circuit refers to the process of gradually increasing from zero voltage to a predetermined value after the power is turned on, during the relative operating time, and after a corresponding time delay.

It also has an over-temperature protection circuit inside the laser driver. When the temperature exceeds 85 Celsius degrees, the laser driver will automatically shut off. When the temperature returns to normal temperature, the controller will restart. The control loop is monitored in real time by the internal circuit to ensure it is working properly. A good control loop indicator will light up.

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