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Founded in 1997, Analog Technologies, Inc. (ATI), specializes in the R&D and production of analog and digital electronic hardware modules, sub-systems, and systems. Our main product lines include: laser drivers, TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) controllers, TECs (Thermo-Electric Coolers), high precision and high stability thermistors, customized heat sinks, SMT (SMD) resistor kits, SMT (SMD) capacitor kits, SMT (SMD) inductor kits, LED drivers, LED lights, etc.

During the past 17 years, we have accumulated over 3,000 customers worldwide, including ADI (Analog Devices), NASA, US Army, US Air Force, TI (Texas Instruments), Intel, Maxim, National Semiconductor, HP, Linear Tech, MIT, Black Decker, etc. Most of the major electronic companies are our customers.

To meet customers' requirements, we also design and make customized products, in addition to the standard off-the-shelf ones. Contact us if make special products for you.

we pay the highest attentions to providing supports and services for our customers and always do our best to cooperate with our customers, partners, vendors, and even competitors. We can only be happy and profitable by letting the others be the same first. Therefore, your satisfaction is the most important for us.

Corporate Culture: Healthy, Happy, Cooperative, and Effective.
To outside: Make all our customers satisfied
To inside: Make all our colleagues satisfied

“Quality goes first” has always been our policy. Every day, we work hard and make high quality products by checking and testing each product, screening defective ones, finding new ways to improve products quality, and cooperating with each other among our colleagues increase the quality of our products. At any time, we always give immediate and full attention when a quality problem occurs.

Give us feedbacks and even criticisms, we are all ears.

You can contact us by email:
Telephone: 408-748-9100 (California, USA)
Fax: 408-748-9111

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