Super Kits Enclosure SK200

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The Super Kits Enclosure SK200 which was recently developed by Analog Technologies, Inc. has 200 compartments for safely confining and organizing SMT components, such as chip resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, triodes, LEDs, ICs, etc.

The new Super Kits Enclosure from Analog Technologies keeps your components safe and organized and measures only 12.2" (L) * 9.5" (W) * 1.6" (H) or 309mm(L) * 242mm(W) * 40mm(H)]. Therefore, they can easily be used on a work bench, stored on a shelf, or transported to another site, making them the only choice for easily locating and retrieving proper components while building prototypes or reworking printed circuit boards.

The top cover of our SK200 is designed to be placed horizontally on the bench top, but also fixed in about 95°~110° after opening, which saves the space of the bench and makes it very user friendly.

These small size components will not fall out even when the enclosure is dropped or shaken.
When you open the lid of the SK200 compartment, it can stand straight, which is good for getting the components out easily. There is a little hillock and groove in the lid. When the lid is open, it can be fixed to the front lid keeping it standing straight up for hands free access.

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Ultra slim design
Weightbearing capacity of about 100kg
Eco-friendly material: PP
The top cover can be set at an angle
Safe and sturdy storage of components as small as 0201
The lid of each compartment can be fixed to the front lid when opening
200 individual lidded compartments fit in a letter sized enclosure
A convenient way for organizing, storing and accessing SMT components
The smart choice for building prototypes or reworking PCBs
Reduces the time for obtaining an SMT component to seconds
Solves the common workbench clutter problem
Saves valuable time and increases work efficiency
Can easily be put on a workbench or stored on a shelf
Portable and can easily be transported to another site