Integrated Circuits

ICs (Integrated Circuits) are common building blocks found in almost all electrical system, from cars, phones, to washing machines, microwaves, etc. After years trials and errors, we finally start releasing ICs. Our first IC is a high precision amplifier, it is an upgraded replacement for the well-known AD8551, but ours have smaller offset voltage and higher slew rate. We will be releasing a few other ICs soon, stay tuned.

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The op amps (short for operational amplifiers) have broad applications. For sensing small signals, low offset voltage and low noise are required. Our first IC, AT8551, is such a product. It has very low maximum offset voltage, <5µV (competition AD8551: 10µV); low noise, <0.75µVP-P @0.01Hz to 10Hz (competition AD8551: 1µVP-P @0Hz to 10Hz); high slew rate, 2.7V/µs (competition AD8551: 0.4µV/µs); high speed, 4.5MHz (competition AD8551: 1.5MHz); and, the best of all, low cost, $1.00 @1000pcs (competition AD8551: $1.25 @1000pcs).

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A Step-down DC-DC converter can also be called buck converter, buck regulator, or DC-DC step-down switching regulator. From its name, we can tell that it converts a power supply source to a lower voltage output at high power efficiency, often > 90%.

Analog Technologies, Inc., offers three types of step-down DC-DC converter ICs: ATI2202, ATI2301 and ATI2305. An evaluation board, ATI2202EV1, is available for ATI2202.

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