High Efficiency TEC Controller

Part Number Price Buy Now Datasheet
TEC5V6A-D $89 buy now Buy Now Datasheet DIP package
Max. |VTEMP − VTEMPSP| ≤ 5mV
TEC5V6A-S $89 buy now Buy Now Datasheet SMT package
Max. |VTEMP − VTEMPSP| ≤ 5mV
TEC5V6A-DA $89 buy now Buy Now Datasheet DIP package
Max. |VTEMP − VTEMPSP| ≤ 2mV
TEC5V6A-DAH $89 buy now Buy Now Datasheet DIP package
Max. |VTEMP − VTEMPSP| ≤ 0.5mV
TEC5V6A-NT $89 buy now Buy Now Datasheet No Internal Temp. Range Setting Network

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High Efficiency: ≥90%

Maximum Output Current: 6A

Maximum Output Voltage: ±VVPS

Actual Object Temperature Monitoring

High Stability: 0.01°C

High Reliability

Zero EMI

Compact Size

100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant


Diving TECs in regulating the object temperature


The TEC5V6A-D is an electronic module designed for driving TECs (Thermo-Electric Coolers) with high stability in regulating the object temperature, high energy efficiency, zero EMI, and small package.

It provides these functions: thermistor T-R curve linearization, temperature measurement and monitoring, temperature control loop status indication, TEC voltage monitoring, power up delay, and shut down.

The TEC5V6A-D comes with a high stability low noise 3.0V voltage reference which can be used for setting the desired object temperature by using a POT (Potentiometer) or a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). When using this reference for setting the set-point temperature, the set-point temperature error is independent of this reference voltage.

Suffix Definition:

-D: For example: TEC5V6A-D. The controller comes with DIP package.

-S: For example: TEC5V6A-S. The controller comes with SMT package.

A: For example: TEC5V6A-DA. Maximum|VTEMP − VTEMPSP| is ≤ 2mV.

H: For example: TEC5V6A-DAH. Maximum|VTEMP − VTEMPSP| is ≤ 0.5mV.

-NT: For example: TEC5V6A-NT. There is no internal temperature range setting network.