Operational Amplifers

The op amps (short for operational amplifiers) have broad applications. For sensing small signals, low offset voltage and low noise are required. Our first IC, AT8551, is such a product. It has very low maximum offset voltage, <5µV (competition AD8551: 10µV); low noise, <0.75µVP-P @0.01Hz to 10Hz (competition AD8551: 1µVP-P @0Hz to 10Hz); high slew rate, 2.7V/µs (competition AD8551: 0.4µV/µs); high speed, 4.5MHz (competition AD8551: 1.5MHz); and, the best of all, low cost, $1.00 @1000pcs (competition AD8551: $1.25 @1000pcs).

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The AT8551/AT8552 (dual version & shutdown) series of CMOS operational amplifiers use auto-zero techniques to simultaneously provide very low offset voltage (5uV max) and near-zero drift over time and temperature. This family of amplifiers has ultralow noise, offset and power.

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