TEC28V15A Peltier Controller Evaluation Board

Time : Feb 19 2019Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

ATI recently has developed a new high voltage Peltier controller, which can also be called TEC controller, TEC28V15A. When it was first launched in the market, lots of customers were coming to inquire about it. This TEC controller features high output voltage, 28V and high output current, 15A, which make it in a lead position of TEC controller market. In order to evaluate this Peltier controller more easily, we have developed an evaluation board for it, and the part number is TEC28V15AEV1. The following is the physical picture of this evaluation board.

When you get a TEC28V15AD, it’s recommended to use this evaluation board together with this TEC controller. The TEC controller with DIP package is compatible with the evaluation board. This evaluation board has a complete application circuit that drives TEC controller. It can be used for setting the output current, the output current limit, indicating the working status of the TEC controller with an LED. There are multiple connection pads and terminals for connecting external parts and components. The datasheet of this evaluation board has more details about how to use it. Take a little time to viewing our datasheet online:


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