ATLS12A216 High Voltage Laser Driver

Time : Feb 15 2019Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

ATI has developed multiple series of high voltage and constant current laser drivers, including ATLSxA212, ATLSxA216, ATLSxA217 and ATLSxA218 series laser drivers. These laser drivers have wide input voltage range and output voltage range, high efficiency, and wide modulation bandwidth. Today, I’d like to show you one of these high voltage laser driver, ATLS12A216D, which is the one with highest current in ATLSxA216D series.

As the part number indicates, ATLS12A216D has a high current capability, 12A. The input voltage ranges from 5.5V to 15V. It comes with 18 pins with different functions. Moreover, the compact size will allow you to save much space in your application. This laser driver can be evaluated conveniently by the evaluation board, ATLS216EV1.0. The load assembly ALLD10A14V is a dummy laser and can also work with the laser driver and laser driver evaluation board for evaluation the laser driver.

More details about this laser driver can be found in its datasheet here.

If you are interested in this laser driver, you can check more information in the following link:

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