Capacitor Decade Box Adjustable

Time : Feb 13 2019Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

It is known to all that resistor, capacitor and inductor are the common electronic components in electronic field. While tuning the circuit, engineers always need to change the resistor and capacitor values. If engineers frequently solder different resistors and capacitors, it is really troublesome. Therefore, Analog Technologies, Incorporated developed one adjustable capacitor decade box, which offers engineers great conveniences. Please find the following physical photo of it.

Now, let me introduce some main parameters of this adjustable capacitor decade box. The part number of it is ATCDB12. ATCDB12 is an accurate knob dial type capacitor decade box. Because of the main features listed above, it is a very useful tool for tuning analog electronic circuits where changing a capacitance is needed. It has wide adjustable range from 1pF to 100μF; high adjustment resolution is 1pF; high accuracy is ±5%; compact size; durable metal enclosure.

This adjustable capacitor decade box has many applications, such as tuning networks and doing experiments.

More information, please refer to its datasheet.