Adjustable Capacitor Decade Box

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Adjustable Resistor Decade Box


Wide Adjustable Range: 1pF to 100F

High Adjustment Resolution: 1pF

High Accuracy: ±5%

Compact Size

Durable Metal Enclosure

100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant



Tuning Networks

Doing Experiments



Adjustment Range for Each Dial:

1pF to 9pF; 10pF to 90pF; 100pF to 900pF;

1nF to 9nF; 10nF to 90nF; 100nF to 900nF;

1μF to 9μF; 10μF to 90μF

Tolerance: ±5% (15°C to 35°C)

Residual Capacitance: 47pF

Resolution: 1pF

Dimensions: 76×168×43(mm)

Weight: 300g

Operating Temperature: 40°C to 60°C


ATCDB12 is an accurate knob dial type capacitor decade box. Because of the main features listed above, it is a very useful tool for tuning analog electronic circuits where changing a capacitance is needed.

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