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high voltage laser driver-ATLS10A216

Time: Sep 17 2018    Click: 259

Analog Technologies, Inc is a company specialized in laser and TEC technology, so the laser and TEC control technology is very advanced. For any engineers who studies in the analog technologies, they know that it is very hard to achieve high voltage and constant current simultaneously. This product, ATLS10A216 of Analog Technologies, Inc,. not only has the above features, but also features as wide input and output voltage range, high output current capability, high efficiency, low output noise,...(more)

Laser driver-ATLS8A216

Time: Sep 14 2018    Click: 252

Analog Technologies, Inc is a company specialized in laser and TEC technology. Therefore, there are various kinds of laser drivers for customers to choose. Based on the power input type, ATIs laser drivers are divided into AC input modules and DC input modules. For the DC input modules, we have both linear type and switch type. Today, I will introduce one high voltage constant current laser driver , whose part No. is ATLS8A216 , which is the most popular among customers. Now, please take a look...(more)

Evaluation Board for Laser Driver ATLSXA202D

Time: Sep 13 2018    Click: 317

We have developed a series of constant current CW laser drivers ATLSxA202D. The laser drivers include: ATLS500MA202, ATLS1A202, ATLS2A202, ATLS3A202, ATLS4A202, and ATLS6A202. In order to use the laser driver more conveniently, we developed an evaluation board for ATLSXA202D series diode laser drivers specially. The evaluation board is designed to evaluate the functions and basic specifications for ATLSXA202D. Since the ATLSxA202D series laser drivers come with up to 6A current, the evaluation b...(more)

The "Best" Laser Driver

Time: Sep 06 2018    Click: 333

The word best sounds so high-end, advanced, and expensive, and should be an outstanding one. People are often troubled by best, so, what is the best? I have also encountered this problem. Customers often ask me, What is your best laser driver ? Or let me introduce our best laser driver. At this time, Im always proud to say: For me, each of our laser drivers is the best; for you, the most suitable one is the best. Customers often laugh after listening to them, and make their own requirements. In...(more)

High Efficiency AC Input Laser Driver AAS45A4V2

Time: Sep 06 2018    Click: 232

The laser driver AAS45A4V2 is design for driving multiple laser diodes with high efficiency and low noise. Its efficiency is 76% that saves energy and has low temperature rise. It has a wide input voltage range. This laser driver accept AC voltage input, from 100V to 240V. It also has a wide output voltage range from 0V to 4V. It has high current output capability. The maximum output current can go up to 45A that can be set by an analog voltage of 0V to 2.5V. The operating temperature is from 20...(more)

Frequently asked questions about laser driver

Time: Sep 04 2018    Click: 257

1. Does heat dissipation need to be provided during the use of the laser driver? A. The higher the operating temperature of the laser driver, the greater the loss of its operating efficiency, the greater the noise, and therefore the worse the current stability. Its operating case temperature is 40C ~ 85C, We recommend that its working temperature be around 50C. B. If the surrounding environment is well ventilated, no heat sinks are needed, if the ventilation is not good, heat sinks are required....(more)

High Voltage Constant Current Laser Driver ATLS6A214

Time: Aug 29 2018    Click: 216

ATLS6A214 is a high voltage constant current laser driver. It can drive multiple laser diodes with high efficiency and low noise. It has both a wide input voltage range from 5V to 14V and a wide output voltage range from 0.8V to 0.75VVPS. It has high current output capability. The output current can go up to 6A without using a heat sink. Its volume is very small, and two kinds of packaging are available: DIP and SMT. Here is an internal block diagram of ATLS6A214: The internal block diagram show...(more)

AAS40A4V2 Laser Driver

Time: Aug 27 2018    Click: 279

AAS40A4V2 is a high current laser diode driver. As indicated in its part number, the maximum output current is 40A, and the maximum output voltage is 4V. It is designed for driving laser diodes with low noise current and high efficiency. This laser driver features an over temperature protection circuit, so the laser driver will shut itself down automatically when detecting the temperature exceeds the pre-set temperature limit. It will restart automatically when the temperature recovers in the no...(more)

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