High Efficiency AC Input Laser Driver AAS45A4V2

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The laser driver AAS45A4V2 is designed for driving multiple laser diodes with high efficiency and low noise. Its efficiency is ≥ 76% that saves energy and has low temperature rise. It has a wide input voltage range. This laser driver accepts AC voltage input, from 100V to 240V. It also has a wide output voltage range from 0V to 4V. It has high current output capability. The maximum output current can go up to 45A that can be set by an analog voltage of 0V to 2.5V. The operating temperature is from −20°C to 50°C.

Here is A Typical Application Schematic of AAS45A4V2:

We can see the laser driver has two connectors: a D-SUB on the left and a terminal block on the right. The D-SUB is for connecting control and monitor signals, the terminal block is for connecting to the laser diode. From the application schematic, we can see the laser driver provides a 2.5V reference voltage. It can be used as a reference voltage for setting the output current and the output voltage limit by using external POTs. There is an over-temperature protection circuit, if the laser power supply temperature exceeds the temperature limit, 85°C, the laser driver will shut down itself. The laser driver has some other features: loop good indication, soft start, output current, and voltage limit and so on. For more details please see here:


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