Evaluation Board-ATLS216EV1.0

Time : Sep 19 2018Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

ATI’s laser drivers consist of AC input modules and DC input modules. For the DC input modules, we have both linear type and switch type. Therefore, we have a variety of laser drivers for our customers to choose, such as low noise, high voltage, constant current, and so on. Besides, you can also customize the product as you like. We are sure to try our best to make the delivery in the shortest time. Today, the laser driver I will introduce is an evaluation board, which is developed for offering conveniences while using our laser drivers of 216 series. The laser driver series includes ATLS8A216D, ATLS10A216D, and ATLS12A216D. Please note that you’d better read the datasheet of our laser drivers beforehand.

On the 4 edges of the board, it features solder pads for all the interface ports provided by the laser driver. The solder pads can be used by clips or soldered with wires for connecting to external circuits. The power supply input is connected on the upper edge of the board. The incoming wires can be soldered on the pads, or clipped by alligator clips, or use the terminal block and tight the wires by the screws. In the upper middle of the board, there is an LED. When the controller works properly, it will be lit up. On the left side of the controller, there is a terminal block. It can be used for connecting wires going into the ports of the laser driver. On the lower side of the laser driver, there are 2 POTs (Potentiometers) for setting the lower and upper values of the set-point current.

For more info, please refer to the datasheet.