ATLS15A218D Laser Diode Driver

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Laser drivers, as the name suggests, are electronic modules that drive lasers. Generally it is used to control semiconductor lasers. It includes a temperature controller and a laser diode driver. Because semiconductor lasers are temperature sensitive, temperature control is required, and semiconductor lasers are driven by a constant current source typically, so a constant current source is required for driving.

The ATLS15A218D series laser driver is an electronic module that combines small package, modularity, high efficiency and low noise. The laser driver also has a wide input range from 0.5V to 15V and a wide output range from 0.1VVPS to 0.8VVPS. Its maximum current can be as high as 15A. It is only a metal enclosure DIP package with a volume of 35.78 × 35.78 × 11.5 (mm), which not only saves valuable PCB space, but also prevents interference with other surrounding electronic devices. Since its efficiency can be as high as 90%, the laser driver generates less heat, so the heat sink is not required for normal operation. It is very difficult for this laser driver to meet the above characteristics at the same time.

We designed the evaluation board ATLS218EV1.0 and load assembly ALLD10A14V for this laser driver. This evaluation board is designed to facilitate wiring and test data reading during testing. The load assembly is used to simulate expensive laser diodes to avoid costly errors when first used.

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