A New High Voltage Isolation Amplifier AD202ATI

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High Voltage Isolation Amplifier is a specific device designed for measuring small analog signals with high common mode voltage and strong EMIs (Electro-Magnetic Interference). This amplifier not only amplifies the small useful signal but also sends it to a low voltage side circuit for further analysing and processing.

Analog Technologies, Inc., has just released its latest version of the high voltage isolation amplifier AD202ATI. It is an upgraded drop-in replacement for AD202, with much better performance in a few key specs, such as bandwidth, noise, etc.
A special nature of AD202ATI is that it does not use  transformers conventionally as its isolation component as others do, to isolate the high common mode voltage in the input analog signal, thus, the isolated output voltage does not have demodulation ripple voltages resulting in a > 1000 times less noise at the low voltage side output. Another advantage of AD202ATI is that it uses a high speed optical isolation device to  transmit the high side signal to the low voltage side, as opposed to using a transformer device, the bandwidth is increased from 5kHz to 100kHz, which is 20 times wider than that of AD202. 

AD202ATI has two input ports for the high voltage side signals, IN+ and IN−, and FB serves as the output port, the entire amplifier can be roughly equivalent to an operational amplifier, and the signal amplification gain at the output can be configured by setting the feedback circuit.
AD202ATI has a built-in isolated DC−DC converter with +7.5V and −7.5V outputs. It eliminates the need for an external DC−DC converter thus saves space on the PCB, achieving a compact final size of 2.1(L)×0.7(W)×0.45(H) inches and reduces the total cost.
High voltage isolation amplifier 
AD202ATI has excellent input/output ohmic isolation impedance: ⩾2GΩ. The Isolation-Mode Rejection Ratio (IMRR) at 50Hz to 60Hz is ⩾ 130dB (@Gain = 100V/V). Therefore, it can be used with a large variety of industrial sensors for monitoring and remote data acquisition.
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AD202ATI high isolation voltage amplifier and other types of amplifiers: https://www.analogtechnologies.com/AT202.html