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High Voltage Isolation Amplifier AD202ATI

Part Number Package Datasheet
AD202KNATI DIP Datasheet
AD202KYATI SIP Datasheet
AD202JNATI DIP Datasheet
AD202JYATI SIP Datasheet

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Isolated Power Outputs

Small Size: 4 Channels/lnch Low

Uncommitted Input Amplifier

CMR: 130dB (Gain = 100V/V)

High Accuracy

High CMV Isolation: ±1000V/±2000V Continuous


Multichannel Data Acquisition

Current Shunt Measurements

Motor Controls

Process Signal Isolation

High Voltage Instrumentation Amplifier


The AD202ATI series are high voltage isolation amplifiers designed for multiple applications where input signals are measured, processed, or transmitted without a galvanic connection. These isolation amplifiers in SIP or DIP package offer a signal and power isolation function. The above table shows the differences of these high voltage isolation amplifiers.