High Voltage Amplifier/Piezo Drivers

Time : Sep 23 2021Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :
With the rapid development of science and technologies, ATI (Analog Technologies, Inc.) has invested substantive manpower, material resources and funds to develop new product. Recently, to meet the market demand, we have successfully developed one high voltage amplifier, whose part number is AHV1KV7A. To be honest, once this piezo driver is developed out, we have received many queries and orders from our dear customers. Now, please take a look at the physical photo of this high voltage amplifier.

Now, I will introduce this product briefly to you. You may ask what a high voltage amplifier is, and it is a bench-top high voltage amplifier/piezo driver for amplifying an analog input voltage into a high voltage high current output. Let me specify some detailed specifications. It is of high efficiency, and its output current can be up to 7A, and its output voltage ranges from 0 to 1000V. Meanwhile, this high voltage amplifier has high output voltage stability. There are many more parameters you need to know while using this piezo driver. If you are interested in this high voltage amplifier, please refer to its datasheet.