Easy Mountable DIP Packaged High Voltage Power Supply

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Nowadays, high voltage power supplies have been applied in many fields, such as optical field, physical field, medical field, precision processing field, etc.

Analog Technologies has developed a series of high voltage power supply in DIP package that can be directly mounted on the PCB. It can transform low input DC voltage to high output DC voltage. This series of products has a small size, light weight, good protection mechanism, stability in working, and can be directly mounted on the PCB, effectively improving the integration of the overall system and offering good user experience.

The standard input voltage of these high voltage power supplies is 12V, and the output voltage range is from −2kV to +2kV.


l The biggest benefit of DIP-package high voltage power supply is saving valuable space for your application, making the overall layout of the system more rational;

l The external port of high voltage power supply is directly soldered to the PCB, making the connection more secure, which avoids poor contact caused by incorrect installation of the connector or aging, thus reducing the overall failure rate of the system;

l The pins can be directly soldered and reduce the power loss on the wire, thus improving the overall efficiency of the system.

If you are an electronic engineer and are still undecided about the high voltage power supply you want, or if you are a mechanical engineer, you are still struggling with how to place the high voltage power supply, the DIP-package high voltage power supply of Analog Technologies will help you out.

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