SMT/SMD Component Kit Promotion

Time : Jun 08 2020Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Good news for all my dear customers, to celebrate 23th anniversary celebration, we have made a big price promotion for our enclosure for 60 days until 3rd August, 2020. To thank the support from you, we cut down the price as much as 3 dollars. That is to say, we almost knock ten percent off the price. Therefore, we deeply hope all of you can enjoy this benefit. Here please allow me to introduce our wonderful Super Kits Enclosure SK200 again.

Firstly, please take a look at its physical photo as below:

Secondly, let us know more about its unique designs. To develop this product out, we have done a lot of researches from many professional electronic engineers on their working habits, common used values and etc. Finally, we take these factors into account, and develop this enclosure out. The top cover of our SK200 is designed to be placed horizontally on the bench top, but also fixed in about 95°~110° after opening, which saves the space of the bench and makes it very user friendly.

These small size components will not fall out even when the enclosure is dropped or shaken.

When you open the lid of the SK200 compartment, it can stand straight, which is good for getting the components out easily. There is a little hillock and groove in the lid. When the lid is open, it can be fixed to the front lid keeping it standing straight up for hands free access.

Of course, there are many other features are not listed here, please refer to its datasheet for more information.