The World’s First Built-in Smart Auto PID Control TEC Controller

Time : May 25 2020Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Good news! Analog Technologies, Inc. has invested massive manpower physical resources. Now, with efforts, ATI has millions of customers, and almost all of them are satisfied with our quality products and excellent service. Meanwhile, many people are amazed at the technology in laser control and TEC control that we have achieved. Here I would like to introduce one TEC controller, which is on market’s demand. At first, let me show you the physical photo of this product:

Here comes the question, why I say this is a wonderful product. You will be suddenly enlightened when I show you the parameters of this product. This high voltage high current TEC controller’s output voltage is 28V, and its output current is 15A. Meanwhile its high temperature stability can be less than±0.001°C. Besides, it has Real Time Temperature, Current and Voltage Signals. The temperature signal can be obtained by using one of these 3 temperature sensors: thermistor, RTD or temperature sensor IC. When using a thermistor, the set-point temperature range is determined by an external temperature network formed by 3 resistors. What’s more, it has compact size: 35.96x35.96x8.2 (mm). In a word, it can drive high power TEC modules at high efficiency.

There are much more details about this high voltage high current TEC controller, if you are interested in this product, please refer to its datasheet.