The high voltage power supply that can cause lightning effects

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Today, I saw a new high voltage power supply product from engineers of Analog Technologies, Inc. (ATI). , ALSHV24V6600V10MAW, which can be used in lightning surge generator.
I had only heard of lightning surge protectors before, but heard of lightning surge generators for the first time. Through the explanation of the engineer, I fully understood. If you only have protectors, how do you test for lightning protection?  You can't just wait for thunder.  
So, clever people invented the lightning surge generator, human intervention to replace the natural lightning.  

The input voltage of ALSHV24V6600V10MAW is 24V, and the output voltage is 6600V. The signal difference of the input and output circuit is large, and the weak signal controls the strong electric signal.  However, the isolation voltage of this high voltage power supply is 8000V, which can effectively prevent the input and output terminals from interfering with each other.  

The lightning surge generator with ALSHV24V6600V10MAW high voltage power supply can simulate the lightning strike effect, so it is widely used in laboratory testing and the detection of lightning protection products.  At the same time, it can also be used as a common high voltage power supply in medical, industrial, measurement and control and scientific research and other fields.  
In addition, ATI's high voltage power supply products in many categories, complete models, complete functions. It includes A1U and A2U rack mount AC-DC high voltage power supply, I/O proportional DC-DC high voltage power supply, high power AC-DC high voltage power supply, and custom high voltage power supply.  
So if you are interested in the high voltage power supply of this lightning surge generator, ALSHV24V6600V10MAW, please contact us. If your project has not found a matching high voltage power supply, you can also contact us. We will give you professional advice, or tailored for your project to create a dedicated high voltage power supply product.  
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