5A and 15A Digital Laser Drivers

Time : Feb 15 2022Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Digital laser driver comes with a digital display for setting and monitoring parameters. Analog Technologies has launched two digital laser drivers, which can output a current up to 5A and 15A respectively, with >90% efficiency. The following is the physical photo of one of the digital laser drivers, ALDD28V15A401, the 15A one. The 5A digital laser driver has a similar look.

For both 5A and 15A digital laser drivers, the maximum power supply voltage is 28V, while 5A and 15A stand for the maximum output current. These two digital laser drivers have a small size and feature low current noise, high current stability, low output ripple voltage, wide modulation bandwidth. Over 90% high efficiency results in a small amount heat generated, so there is no necessary for heat sink. Both digital laser drivers can be used for driving multiple serial laser diodes at the same time. For more detailed parameters and working principle, you can check our datasheet:



You can view more info in our product page:


Analog Technologies has also developed multiple series of analog laser drivers, and you can check our web page: http://www.analogtechnologies.com/laserdriver.html