SK200 SMT Component Enclosure

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At Analog Technologies, Inc, we have been specializing in the design and production of our Super SMT Component Kits for over 20 years. With over 50 different types of SMT/SMD resistor kits available with different value selections, our Super SMT Component Kits offer a slim, durable, high quality design that allows for the most convenience when sorting, storing, and obtaining SMT components.


Based on our original, best-selling SK128 model, the new and improved SK200 Super Kits Enclosure is developed to fit 200 individual compartments with better performance and an even larger capacity.


SK200 is used for holding a variety of components, such as SMT resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, triodes, LEDs, ICs, etc. It’s ultra slim design and durable case features a top cover that can be fixed open at about 110° with 200 individually lidded coverlets that secured by a foam pad when the top cover is closed. By saving work clutter and time while maximizing efficiency, SK200 ensures safe storage for components as small as 0402 and 0201. Rubber strips on the bottom of the enclosure allow for cushioned stacking and stability when placed on a flat surface. Additionally, although it is thinner than the SK128B, it can withstand weight of over 100kg.


SK200 measures:

12.2"(L) × 9.5"(W) × 1.6"(H) or 309mm(L) × 242mm(W) × 40mm(H)

Each coverlet measures:

52"(L) × 0.71"(W) × 0.39"(D) or 13.2mm(L) × 18mm(W) × 10mm(D)

Compartments are:

10 rows × 20 columns

Top cover can be fixed lying horizontally on a flat surface or at an angle of 110° after opening.

To see a side by side comparison between the new SK200 and the old SK128, visit our DATA SHEET.


This is empty enclosure, and users can fill it with any components they like. We also provide other type of kits with presorted components, such as:

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We also provide resistor kits with resistors of 0402 size, 0603 size, 0805 size, and 1206 size. Visit our WEBSITE for more details.