SMT Resistor Kits

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In recent years, Surface Mount Technologies (SMT) have become key players in the global economy. With high growth prospects and versatile uses, Surface Mount Devices (SMD) are applicable to a variety of techniques in which electrical components are directly mounted onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCB).


At Analog Technologies, we have been specializing in the design and production of the Super SMT Resistor Kit for over 20 years. With over 50 different types of SMT/SMD resistor kits available with different value selections, our Super SMT Resistor Kits are durable, high quality products that offer the most convenience for sorting, storing, and obtaining SMT resistors in a short time with high accuracy.

Ultimately, not only will this product help you navigate the sea of resistors with ease, it will also help maintain a balanced and organized workspace in the long run.


Our SMT/SMD Resistor Kits are made with the world's only special container, the Super SMT Component Enclosure™, which has either 128 or 510 individually lidded compartments, enclosed by one lockable top cover. The individually lidded coverlets can be adjusted to the degree of desire, and the foam pad under the top cover keeps all the coverlets closed and safely secured when the top cover is closed and locked. Additionally, rubber strips on the bottom of each container provides cushioned stacking and prevents the enclosure from slipping. Finally, the kit’s slim yet durable design acts as a space-saving component that can withstand heavy impact, up to 100kg, without damage.


Analog Technologies’ Super SMT Resistor Kits™ each have 128 values per kit and 510 values per set. A set of resistor kits uses 4 enclosures with 128 values per kit.

All values within each kit are specified by the E24 ± 5% and E96 ± 5% EIA Standards respectively. Our 510-value kits cover all the 510 values plus extended low-end values, from 0 Ohm to 10 Ohm, and higher values, from 1M to 20M.

For each value, you have the choice of 50PC/value, 100PC/value, 200PC/value and 500PC/value.

The Super Kit Enclosure™ measures:

11" (L) x 8.5" (W) x 1.75"(H) or 280mm (L) x 216mm (W) x 45mm (H)

This is the same size as a letter size paper.

Each coverlet measures:

0.87" (L) x 0.59" (W) x 0.63"(D) or 22mm (L) x 15mm (W) x 16mm (D)

These Super SMT Resistor Kits™ contain

1206 1/4W 1% resistors

0805 1/8W 1% resistors

0603 1/10W 1% resistors

0402 1/16W 1% resistors

0603 5% resistors

0805 5% resistors

All surface mount resistors are pre-sorted and stored in Super SMT Component Enclosure™ with every resistor value printed clearly on each lid.

For more details on specifications, view our SMT Super Kit Enclosure DATA SHEET.


Our new SMT Resistor Kit is based on our newly developed Super Kits Enclosure SK200, which has 200 compartments for enclosing SMT components. The top cover of SK200 can be placed not only horizontally on the bench top, but also fixed at 110° angle after opening. To see more features about this enclosure, please visit HERE.


We also provide resistor kits with resistors of 0402 size, 0603 size, 0805 size, and 1206 size. Visit our WEBSITE for more details.
If you need just the empty enclosure, please visit HERE.