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LED Heavy Duty Waterproof Lamp

LED Heavy Duty Waterproof Lamp

The ATMO-160W is an LED based lamp designed for outdoor applications where strong light and corrosion water resistance are required. The followings are the main features of this lamp:

Corrosion Resistant

Dust-proof and Water-proof level: IP65*

High Reliability and Stability

Use Powerful and Reliable Integrated LEDs

High luminous output: >15,000 lumens

Wide Input Voltage Range: 85VAC to 265VAC

High-purity Aluminum Reflector and Heat-sink

5mm High Intensity Tempered Glass Window

High Efficiency LED Driver

Available in Narrow or Wide Beam Angles: 6 or 120°

Long Life Time: 50,000 hours

Easy Installation

Certificates: CE and ROHS

This lamp can be used in the applications where resistances to water, corrosion, shock,dust are reqired and strong natural lighting is needed, such as marine lighting, tunnel lighting and other outdoor applications, etc.

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