Noise Measurement Amplifier

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An oscilloscope can measure noise, but for ultra low noise, such as nV and µV level noises, it's hard to measure. There is a noise measurement amplifier ATNMA1.0, which is used to test and measure ultra low noise that can't be measured by an oscilloscope. 
This noise measurement amplifier can detect and amplify the noise signals by touching the selected point. There are seven magnifications, 10,000×, 30,000×, 100,000×, 300,000×, 1,000,000×, 3,000,000×, 10,000,000×. There are also three filter bandwidths available: : 0.1Hz ~ 10Hz, 0.1Hz ~ 1kHz, 0.1Hz ~ 100kHz.
There are several parts in this amplifier, a rechargeable battery, a coaxial cable and probes. The rechargeable battery can be used for over 20 hours. The battery capacity is 500mAh. The charging voltage is 4.2V. There is a function to monitor the battery capacity. When battery indicator switch is pressed, it's easy to observe if the battery needs to be charged. There are several LEDs on the amplifier, which shows the capacity. Meanwhile, when the battery is being charged, there are two charging display LEDs.
The physical photo of Noise Measurement Amplifier ATNMA1.0 
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